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Dragon boating is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world! No special skills or abilities are required and it's affordable for most people. However, a desire to train hard together as a TEAM is crucial to be successful in competition.  If you would like more information about joining our club, please contact us at .

Are you interested in giving dragon boating a try?

You are invited to participate in an initial practice for free. Most people who try dragon boating go on to race with a team in a festival, and become hooked on the sport!  

Information on membership

Our club practices weekly at the Sorting Gap Marina in Fort Frances May through September (weather depending). We supply the life jackets and the paddles.

Upon payment of your annual paddler fee, you are entitled to weekly paddles throughout the entire summer,  the opportunity to join our official International Boundary Waters Dragons Boat Teams, a quarterly newsletter emailed directly to you, and other training opportunities on land and in the water.


$75.00 per year per person.   We also offer a $150 family membership that includes two adults and all children 12 to 21 years of age residing in the same household.

Fees may be made payable to the: Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Club.  

 You can also complete the form below and submit your payment via Paypal.

Additional Fees:

Certification fees if you choose to become a certified coach or steers person.  Festival competitions may be held in various cities and individuals will decide which events they wish to attend.

Join Our TEAM in 2017!

 Join our official International Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Teams!  

$75 per paddler or $150 per family (includes two adults and all children 12 to 21 residing in the same household).
 • Team members will enjoy the community paddle one evening per week, and will also be invited to participate in a more rigorous workout on second evening designed to build our skills and strength, and a third evening to focus on endurance.  This also includes dry land and poolside training opportunities throughout the year


 • Our team will be the official ambassadors of our club, with the goal to paddle in other festivals to learn from, and to recruit teams for our own Annual Dragon Boat Festival.

 •  Men and women aged 12 yrs old & up and of all skill levels are encouraged to join!

Team Gear

Jersey $30 USD / $40 CAD  - Sizes XS - XXXL

Racerback $30 USD / $40 CAD  - Sizes XS - XXL


Jacket $60 USD / $80 CAD - Sizes XS - XXXL

CLUB FUNDRAISER:   Bluff $15 USD / $20 CAD 


CLUB FUNDRAISER:  Workout Shirt $30 USD/ $40 CAD - Sizes XS - XXXL 

Email to order your official IBWDB Team Gear

Annely Armstrong-Thorstad, DBC Level II Certified Coach & DBC Certified Official, Ray, MN
Greg Thorstad, Coach & DBC Certified Steersman, Ray, MN
Sydney Chalifoux, Coach & DBC Certified Steersman, Fort Frances, ON
Lois Lundin, Fitness Coach, International Falls, MN
Lincoln Dunn, DBC Certified Steersman, Emo, ON
Dr. Kimberly Ondo - International Falls, MN
Kym Whalen, Fort Frances, ON
Cindy Gauthier, Fort Frances, ON
Gillian Piccinato, Fort Frances, ON
Jones Samuel, Fort Frances, ON
Jennifer Tilander, International Falls, MN
Sandy Sundin, International Falls, MN
Greg Lundin, International Falls, MN
Damien Bjerketvedt, Superior, WI
Ann Lundquist, Bemidji, MN
Dr. Mike Wu, Fort Frances, ON
Dr. Carol Begin, Fort Frances, ON
Julie Ehrman, International Falls, MN
Tammy Sjoblom, International Falls, MN
Duane Sjoblom, International Falls, MN
Joey Payeur, Devlin, ON
Evan Caul, Fort Frances, ON
Jessie Reed, International Falls, MN
Michelle Coulson, Fort Frances, ON
Colin Brown, International Falls, MN
Jordan Toole, International Falls, MN
Anonymous, International Falls, MN
Franceline Auclair, Fort Frances, ON
Caryn Myers,Fort Frances, ON
Emma Cunningham, Fort Frances, ON
Daniela Klicper, Fort Frances, ON
Sonya Zuber, Fort Frances, ON
Mackenzie Holloway, Fort Frances, ON
Kelsea Hunsperger, Fort Frances, ON
Sam Hawken, Fort Frances, ON
Daniel Strickland, Fort Frances, ON
Lauren McGregor, Fort Frances, ON
Hunter Sannes, International Falls, MN
Leif van Leirop, International Falls, MN
Darrell Martindale, Emo, ON
Dorion Chambers, Fort Frances, ON
Sherry Wood, Fort Frances, ON
Leona Jones, Fort Frances, ON
Sylvia Smeeth, Devlin, ON
Jake Feisell, Fort Frances, ON
Jessie Reed, International Falls, MN
Kamil Niemcyzk, Fort Frances, ON
Chris Calder, Honourary Member, Fort Frances, MN