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In honour of all of the courageous women who have fought breast cancer, the $650 registration fee for our festival will be waived for all BCS teams . 

Join us in raising money for the fight against Breast Cancer.  Create your fundraising page as an individual or as team by clicking the link below:

                                                            FUNDRAISING PAGE

Did you hear about the 150 Playlist?  Come out and give dragon boat a try and you will receive a some cool 150 swag (while supplies last) and find out how you can win all kinds of great prizes as it's time to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday!   ParticipACTION has the ultimate Play List to get you moving that includes150 activities that define our land and people - including DRAGON BOAT! So come out this summer, give paddling a try and pick up your FREE 150 Play List swag while supplies last.

Be sure to try as many activities as you can, track your efforts online and you can earn chances to win great prizes from ParticipACTION like gift cards, trips for two, or a brand new Chevrolet vehicle of your choice!

Team Registration Information

300 Metre Races

Teams are of a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 20 paddlers.  Mixed teams must have a minimum of 10 female paddlers.  All teams must have a drummer and a steersman. Certified festival steers are available at no extra cost.


Teams are able to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit fee to ensure their place in the festival until May 1st, 2017.   The $650.00 CAD per team fee is due in full no later than June 30th, 2017 and there will be NO REFUNDS after June 1st, 2017.

Sign up with the Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival August 2nd - 5th, 2017 along with our own and receive $100 off of your registration fees.

All signed waivers and completed rosters must be handed in NO LATER than the start of your first practice.

Intoxication is grounds for immediate disqualification.  Individuals are responsible for their own equipment, tents, and personal items brought with them to the festival grounds.

Individuals will be held responsible and will be expected to replace any equipment owned by the Foundation that they damage or break.

Festival race officials will have the last word on all race times, lineups, and judgments.

Team members may be registered for more than one team, however festival officials are not responsible for scheduling conflicts. It is up to the individual paddlers to manage and choose their own availability.

Team camp space at the waterfront will be provided free of charge to all registered teams.

All teams are allowed two free practices over the two weeks prior to festival date, and all bookings are made on a first come, first serve basis.  Teams from out of town can make arrangements based on travel and IBWDB Club availability. (Please see the available practice times and dates on the official practice schedule posted on this site)


*   Courage Cup
*   Manufacturer's Cup
*   Civic Cup
*   Dueling Dragons Tug of War


*   Ensure to drop off one of your team t-shirts and corresponding swag at the registration tent for a chance to win the "BEST TEAM LOOK AWARD"!

*   Don't forget to decorate your team's tent for the chance to win the "BEST TEAM CAMP AWARD"!

*   Be sure to list your team name on the top of your roster form for the chance to win the "BEST TEAM NAME AWARD"!


This new event features teams of 8 paddlers, seated facing each other in the boat for a full on, power paddle duel on the water!  Registration is taken the day of the festival.  $5 per person.


2017 Festival Poster

2016 Medals

Polished gold, silver and bronze medals - featuring Guoji!