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Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival: August 22nd, 2015

Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival: August 1st, 2015

Annely Thorstad Greg Thorstad
Sydney Chalifoux Jeremy Dockery
 Katie Thorstad Cindy Gauthier
Brenda Luettjohann Erika Kozar
Rogher Luettjohann Peter Jurica
Gillian Piccinato Kimberly Perkins
Damien Bjerketvedt Lois Lundin
Heather Bjerketvedt Ann Lundquist
Carson Luettjohann (Drummer)  

Training at P3 Paddle Zone, Pickering, ON

On Friday, May 1st to Monday, May 4th six members of the Boundary Waters International Dragon Boat Club traveled to Pickering, ON to receive training and certifications for the club.  We learned a lot from Scott Murray, his staff, and paddlers.  Really can't thank them enough for all of their knowledge and assistance!

Officiating Certification:  Jennifer Greenhalgh, Paul Pirie & Annely Armstrong-Thorstad

Coaching:  Lincoln Dunn, Greg Thorstad & Annely Armstrong-Thorstad

Paddling Techniques:  Jennifer Greenhalgh & Brad Rydoell

Steersman:  Greg Thorstad, Brad Rydoell & Lincoln Dunn

Comprehensive Technique:  Jennifer Greenhalgh, Greg Thorstad, Lincoln Dunn, Brad Rydoell, Annely Armstrong-Thorstad

2016 Mixed Competitive Crew: FMG Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival

Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday, September 10th & Sunday 11th, 2016 at The Forks in Winnipeg.  More information is available at IBWDB Mixed Competitive CREW FEE SPONSORED BY FMG!!!!!   500 Metre Race
ATTENDED (Hong Kong): 

2nd Place: Mixed Competitive Division

Coach Annely Armstrong-Thorstad
Coach Greg Thorstad
Coach Sydney Chalifoux
Michelle Coulson
Gillian Piccinato
Ann Lundquist
Caryn Myers
Evan Caul
Mike Wu
Daniela KlicperSherry WoodLincoln Dunn
Leif van LeiropLeona JonesHunter Sannes
Emma CunninghamSherry Wood
Drummer: Kazia Nault

2015 IBWDB Club Members

Annely Armstrong-Thorstad, Ray, MN (DBC Certified Official & DBC Certified Coach)
Greg Thorstad, Ray, MN (DBC Certified Steersman & Coach)
Lincoln Dunn, Steersman, Emo, ON (DBC Certified Steersman & Coach)
Sydney Chalifoux, Fort Frances, ON (Steersman)
Brad Rydoell, Fort Frances, ON
Erika Kozar, Fort Frances, ON
Cindy Gauthier, Fort Frances, ON
Jones Samuel, Fort Frances, ON
Barb Owen-Boerger, International Falls, MN
Melissa Carpenter, Fort Frances, ON
Michelle Coulson, Fort Frances, ON
Devon Stearns, Fort Frances, ON
Darren Pollard, Fort Frances, ON
Katie Thorstad, International Falls, MN
Brenda Luettjohann, International Falls, MN
Jon Thompson, Fort Frances, ON
Betsy Zaren, International Falls, MN
Gillian Piccinato, Fort Frances, ON
Sarah Angus, Fort Frances, ON
Julie Ehrman, International Falls, MN
Dr. Carol Begin, Fort Frances, ON
Dr. Mike Wu, Fort Frances, ON
Peter Jurica, International Falls, MN
Dr. Kimberley Perkins, Ray, MN
Joel Updyke, International Falls, MN
Lois Lundin, International Falls, MN
Roger Luettjohann, International Falls, MN
Derek Nelson, International Falls, MN
Jeremy Dockery, International Falls, MN
Ann Lundquist, Bemidji, MN
Damien Bjerketvedt, Superior, WI
Greg Lundin, International Falls, MN
Marney Brown, Fort Frances, ON
Carson Luettjohann, International Falls, MN (Drummer)
Chris Calder, Honourary Member, Fort Frances, ON


2016 Festival Poster